Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday # 2

Linking up with Becky over at Olives 'n' Wine for a Treat Yourself Tuesday post! I am going to keep it short and simple, with photos of course! =)


On Saturday night, the hubby and I went to Surf & Sand Resort down in Laguna Beach and enjoyed some drinks and a beautiful sunset with friends! It was such a fun night out, great atmosphere, good company, and yummy food & drinks!!

I got to experience a really good sushi place this week with some of my neighbor friends! For those of you that are local, it's called Yama Sushi and sits right on the Mission Viejo Lake. It was gorgeous, however, we didn't get there until after sunset, so I'm sure it would be even more gorgeous during the day! I will have to go again and take the hubby!

Fresh hand-picked roses!!! I snagged these last week and they bloomed recently and this is what they look like. Instant beautifulness added to my bathroom - I love it!

Happy Tuesday friends!

 photo cfb34a1c-adba-4f64-a423-6e7319aea683.jpg


  1. Your sushi looks amazing! I haven't had it in a while and you definitely just inspired me! So happy I found your blog!! Have an awesome day :)

  2. I'm so jealous of your ocean view! That's enough treat for an entire week for those of us in colder climates :) Thanks for linking up!