Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday # 3

Happy Friday!! I am linking up with April over at A. Liz Adventures today for a Five on Friday post! This is going to be totally random but here we go!!

Earlier this week I took my kiddos to the park and had so much fun. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to get to stay home with my boys and just enjoy them. We had so much fun - Mason and Owen loved running in circles up and down the gazebo ramp & chasing each other. It was also the first time I successfully got Owen to keep his hat on!!! I give kudos to Mason for this because he sets such a good example for his little brother and always wears his. =)

It was my birthday on Wednesday and of course, I over-indulged. Here is a picture of the most amazing cake ever!!! Have any of you tried Nothing Bundt Cakes? They are AMAZING! The one I got was red velvet .... yummm! They are also decorated so cute. A must try if you have one located near you.

I was in search of an easy crockpot chicken recipe that was Advocare friendly so I threw something together and it turned out good! I was so proud of myself. I butterflied my chicken breasts (they cook better this way, in my opinion), cut up some garlic cloves, and threw both in the crockpot. Then I top them with a clean marinara sauce & some fresh mushrooms, and cooked them on low. After they were done, I piled the chicken ontop of some mung bean noodles. It was super easy & healthy. I will be posting the recipe once I get it down on paper so stay tuned. Here is a picture of the final product! (BTW - if you like to eat clean and haven't tried these yet, I suggest you go buy them now!!!)

This week was the first week I successfully got cute shoes on Owen. I was so happy! That kid has such chunky ankles and feet that, up until this point, has been so difficult to find shoes that fit him right. I thought this was worthy enough to celebrate, haha!

I found out that my parents' fruit trees have filled with tons and tons of fruit so I snagged some lemons, grapefruits, tangelos, oh, and some roses, from their house. =)

Well, there you have it. My Five on Friday. Thanks for the link up ladies. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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