Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 2016 Stitch Fix Review # 11

Hi Everyone!!

I took a break there for awhile from Stitch Fix but I am back. I just received my 11th fix, wow 11th!! Guys, these are SO MUCH FUN!! If you haven't tried it yet, it's a must. Use some of your Christmas money and try it out. To sign up and create a profile, start here! And then you can schedule your fix for whenever you want. There is an option to receive automatic monthly fixes, or you can opt to schedule yourself as you want, which is the option I chose. Before I get into my five items I received, I just want to share briefly a little about AdvoCare and this "All In" challenge coming up. Chances are, if you know someone who is involved with AdvoCare, you have heard of the nationwide challenge coming up in January 2017. For those of you who may be interested in hearing more, well here is a brief overview:

The 24 day challenge is a food based program. It focuses on eating clean, healthy foods such as fruits, veggies, lean meats/protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. The first 10 days are a very mild cleanse. This is NOT a juice only diet - you eat 5-6 healthy meals and take a probiotic, fish oil, fiber drink & a cleanse tablet each day. You cannot drink coffee on the challenge but have no fear, Spark to the rescue! Spark is a vitamin packed, flavored drink you mix with water - it's awesome!! Then the next 14 days you move into what we call the "max phase" where you continue the same eating of 5-6 healthy meals per day and you take core vitamins. Essentially the cleanse phase cleans your system and gets you ready for the max phase which is the optimal nutrition part. If you want to read about my first 24 day challenge experience, click here. Those are my first ever results from my challenge. And in case you are wondering, the challenge is not meant to be a program where you lose the weight and then fall off the wagon. It's rather a kick start to a healthier lifestyle change that you continue on past the 24 days, which is what it has become for me. If you are at all interested, shoot me an email or click the link below. It's not too late to join us for the All In January 2017 challenge that will begin January 2nd (or the 9th for several of our group members).

Check out the 24 Day Challenge or Purchase Here

Onto my December Stitch Fix =)

First of all, this fix was delivered at the best time EVER. Christmas Eve morning!! I had my outfit all planned out for the evening and that suddenly changed thanks to this little box appearing on my doorstep. Look at the amazing textures and colors of these items......

[one] Pixley - Greenich Striped Knit Top. I am a lover of stripes so I was excited to see this top in my fix. Plus, I had pinned it on Pinterest and my awesome stylist definitely picked up on that. The top is a little more clingy and fitted than I had liked. I loved the burgundy stripes and the leather elbow material was such a cute little added touch to the shirt. This item was the lowest price in my box at $48.00.
Verdict: Unsure

[two] Andrew Marc - Kayseri Faux Leather and Knit Moto Jacket. I will be honest, right away, I knew I would not keep this. Being a mom of three little kiddos, I rarely make it out on the town & when I do, I don't really dress up too much so I am guessing this jacket would just sit in my closet most of the time and not get much use, if any. Sadly, I had to return.
Verdict: Returned 

[three] Unpublished - Athenia Button Back Top. So these polos are sooooo in style right now. So much so that I got two for Christmas!!!! LOL! Unfortunately, I wasn't completely, madly, had to have it, in love with this top so I returned. But the colors and buttons on the back of the shirt were on point.
Verdict: Returned

[four] Fate - Salena Mixed Material Pullover. When I first saw this shirt, I thought, "okay this could be cute." When I tried it on for the first time, I thought, "no way." Then, when I tried it on with my favorite black leggings, I was blown away. I LOVE everything about this shirt. Love the color. Love the "looseness" of it. Love the length of it. Love the pocket on it. Love the mixed material at the bottom of the shirt. It looks amazing with black leggings and I even tried it on again to snap some pics, and it looked great with my new jeans (on sale at Nordstrom right now for $45 BTW). Perfect to dress down w/jeans or dress up to go out. This was a MUST.
Verdict: Kept!!!!

Here is the shirt on me Christmas Eve

[five] Loveappella - Leila Knit Dress. This was super soft and cozy, very cute pattern & loved the material, however, not my style at all so I could not keep this.
Verdict: Returned

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

UPDATE: Busy Busy Busy

The Past Year
Well it's been over a year since I visited my blog - wow that is so sad! But here I am, back in action, ready to give a quick update on my life! Since I took a break from my blog, we completed our family. Dylan, our youngest, is already a year old! Owen just turned four & Mason is five. I am still a stay at home mom, working part time as an independent distributor for AdvoCare & I also have a little side gig doing some accounting work for a property management company in Newport Beach. Okay, I will be honest, my part time gig gets me out of the house for just the perfect amount of time each week which is what I love about it most. Those hours of freedom are so valuable. And as for AdvoCare, well this past year has been kind of exciting. I attended my first Success School at Dallas Cowboys Stadium with over 20,000 others in July 2016. And then, the hubby and I earned an invitation only, all expenses paid training at the corporate office in Plano, TX in August. Both of those trips were filled with lots of learning & very eye opening about our future and this opportunity. We are definitely excited about where this is headed. Oh and if having a baby and working wasn't enough, we moved over the summer! Okay, maybe it wasn't a big move, but we did move about 1/4 of a mile across the street to a new home which we are loving!

And now here we are, almost Christmas, a year and a half later. I am so lucky with all my family and friends in my life. I have met some incredible people over the past year and learned so much about myself.

I said a quick update & I am a quick, to the point person, so I will leave you with that. Here are some pics for fun. Stay tuned....

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