Wednesday, July 29, 2015

June 2015 Stitch Fix Review # 8 (Maternity)

Here is my second MATERNITY stitch fix.....Enjoy!!!

[one] Staccato - Sarina Open Cardigan. This cardigan was super cute and I loved the pattern, however, it was too baggy and big for my liking.
Verdict: Sent Back

[two] Bay to Baubles - Jalissa Beaded Triangle Necklace &
[three] Loveappella Maternity - Bob Knit Maternity Tank. 

I LOVED this tank top. The stripes are definitely my cup of tea and the colors were great too. With the hottest months of the year coming up, I knew I had to keep this. The necklace was super cute also but I didn't want to spend the extra $$. 
Verdict: Sent Back (necklace)
Verdict: Kept (maternity tank)

[four] Market & Spruce - Nolen Printed Detail Henley Tank. From first glance, I thought this top was a winner because I loved the light gray color with the detailed neck line. When I tried it on, I was sad because there is no way I could wear this through my pregnancy - it was too short. :( The bottom part didn't flow right either - which could have been my belly, but it just didn't work.

Verdict: Sent Back

[five] Tart Maternity - Blaire Maternity Dress. I am not a big dress fan in general, probably because of my height, but I was hoping this would be a keeper. It was a little tight for my liking during pregnancy and at $98, I couldn't keep it. 
Verdict: Sent Back

Being that I only have less than two months left of my pregnancy, for my next fix I will be requesting all accessories (mainly necklaces). Hopefully, I will be able to add some jewelry to my wardrobe - it is definitely lacking right now. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 

If you would like to try Stitch Fix, click here. Go ahead and fill out your style profile today (it's super fun!) & then you can request a "fix" whenever you want.... that easy! =)

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