Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vega Sport Protein Review

I received the opportunity to review Vega Sport Protein which I am so excited to share with you. Before I begin to tell you about my experience, let me tell you a little about Vega Sport & the protein I was given.

Vega Sport offers a wide variety of sports performance products that are clean, plant-based, natural, and of course, Informed Choice certified. They have different lines of products to help you perform at your best before, during, and after your workouts. Their products include: pre-workout energizers, electrolyte hydrators, energy bars, endurance gels, performance protein, protein bars, and recovery accelerators.

Of all the products Vega Sport offers, I was most interested in trying the performance protein. I am always searching for a great protein powder that can aide in my workout recovery as well as giving me essential protein to fuel my muscles.
I was sent the vanilla flavor protein powder. I have to be honest, I was somewhat disappointed because I would much rather have tried the chocolate. The first protein powder I mixed with water, nothing else. It was okay - the texture and taste weren't too impressive. I was impressed however by the nutritional information - 26g of protein in just one scoop combined with 0.2g of fat and about 4g of carbs!!!! Those are some nice ratios if you ask me! =) For my second protein powder shake I had reached out to Vega Sport via Twitter and asked them what to mix in with my vanilla protein to "flavorize" it a bit. They promptly replied and said a popular combo is mixing the vanilla protein powder with a non-dairy milk. So I tried chocolate almond milk and I also threw in a frozen banana for some extra flavor. It was really good! The texture and taste were way better and I enjoyed my protein packed shake! I took my shakes after some weight lifting and running at the gym, and I honestly can say that I did feel replenished and energized after my protein shake.

I think Vega Sport is hands down, the best option for anyone who is looking for a plant-based protein, or any other type of sports performance products. I, myself, who will also eat other types of proteins, loved the Vega Sport protein because it had low amounts of fillers. With 33g per serving, and protein consisting of 26g, that leaves 7g of fillers which is a great source of lean protein in my book!

As part of Vega Sport's Fuel Your Better campaign, here is the main reason why I wanted to try the performance protein.

What's your reason? Check out Vega Sport's "Fuel Your Better" campaign here.

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