Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Deals & Steals No.1

Who else out there LOVES to bargain shop? I absolutely LOVE getting a deal! It's more than just buying a new item; it's the rush of excitement I get when it rings up way cheaper than the price tag says (I know, I'm a nerd). Due to my recent decision to lay low with stitch fix for a bit, I wanted to share with some of my "deal-loving" mommy readers where I get my deals & steals! My biggest secret is called MACY'S. They always have coupons - spend $50, get $20 off.... that is 40% discount right there! And to top it off, I can find some really cute stuff already discounted so when I use the coupon on top of the already marked down item, I'm looking at over 50% off. Here are some of my most recent finds.

one] Volcom Jacket - Original Price: $79.50, My Price: $22.90. Savings of 71.2%. This jacket is so cute and I love it. A definite keeper! Now the weather just has to get cooler so I can wear it =)

two] Roxy T-Back Crochet Back Cover-Up Dress - Original Price: $38.00, My Price: $16.15. Savings of 57.5%. I really need a new cover-up but not sure how I feel about this one. It's something - that's how I look at it. I usually just throw on jean shorts and a tank top over my bathing suits but thought I could use a dress. I think the back is super cute but the front is just whatever. Do you think it's a keeper & worth what I paid?

three] Rebellious One Dress - Original Price: $39.00, My Price: $11.99. Savings of 69.3%. Remember my second stitch fix when I was sent a maxi dress for about $80? I ended up not keeping it because it was too expensive for a dress I probably won't wear too often. Well, how about this deal I got?! This maxi dress is a little more me and WAY more affordable.... especially considering I'm not really a long dress girl (probably because I'm so short and I feel weird in long dresses). Anyways, I think I have to keep this one for the price, even if I only wear it a few times. I love the detail on the straps/back of dress! (And I have to mention that it actually is the perfect length) (btw - sorry for the crappy pictures... I still need a nice camera =/)

four] Becca Side Tab Hipster Bottom - Original Price: $58.00, My Price: $17.50. Savings of 69.8%. This bathing suit bottom I bought at Everything But Water about a month ago. I needed some new white ones and these were a steal! They were marked down to $34.99 and then, were an additional 50% off. Cute, huh?

five] Pink Rose Striped Back Zipper Tee - Original Price: $34.00, My Price: $16.32. Savings of 52%. I LOVE this top! I wore it the first day I bought it (Sunday)! It is a great fit and has a super cute zipper back.... not to mention my favorite - stripes! I'm drawn to stripes, it's crazy.... I don't even realize it but, everything I tend to gravitate towards, is stripes. The material of this shirt is awesome too. Sorry but the picture below is the only one I have of the shirt --- check out the back view here! I think I want to buy another color online.... Along with this shirt & this shirt.... ummmm $4.99? STEALSSS!!!! And I just saw a couple other cute ones but I won't list the entire department =)

I would love to hear from any other bargain shopping ladies out there about their deals & get some more ideas of places to shop. And for those of you non-bargain shoppers, I hope I have encouraged you to get out there and don't overpay for cute clothes! Happy Bargain Shopping =)

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