Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mason Starts Preschool 9-10-14

Hi friends! I haven't posted in awhile....We have been busy with......actually, I don't even know with what..... life I guess haha. Well, Mason started preschool on Wednesday. It was a sad day for me. My oldest little baby is growing up too fast. He was so excited to go and anytime I would tell him that he is going to school he would shout, "HOORAY!". He had a great first day and was all smiles. Here are a few pictures I snapped before school on Wednesday morning.

I had to wake the sleeping beauty to get ready for school on Wednesday =)

Friday was his second day of school. He wasn't as excited but there were no tears or fighting so it was a victory in my book. He was a happy camper but did get a little nervous before he went in the classroom. While Mason was at school, Owen got to play with some of his buddies. Here are some pictures from Friday.

Later in the day on Friday I took the kids to We Play Loud for some fun indoors since it was so hot outside & then we went to dinner and got Sprinkles ice cream with Andrew before his soccer game.

Enjoy the weekend everyone,

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