Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pure LYFT Review

I recently joined the Sweat Pink community and one of the perks of being an ambassador is getting to review products. I was so excited when I got my first opportunity that I jumped on it - and I'm so glad I did!!! I got to sample some Pure LYFT clean caffeine energy sticks! Before I begin with my thoughts and review, here is some information about the product. 

LYFT Energy Stir Sticks are a cool, new way to get all natural caffeine and stir energy into any beverage you're drinking. You can use them anytime of the day and mix it into drinks such as orange juice with breakfast, soda at lunch time, or even enjoy it on the rocks to extend your evening fun. =) The energy is derived from all natural green coffee bean extract and has vitamins A and B complex.  With ZERO calories and a clean taste, it's a perfect pre-workout boost, gets you over that 3pm slump, and is great during happy hour or to keep your energy up while you're painting the town red!  

It's also the perfect alternative to sugary energy drinks and shots. And if you're ditching soda, LYFT gets the caffeine (equal to one tall coffee) you miss without the chemicals and calories.  You can easily stash it in your gym bag or even a small purse, making it an easy, lightweight, on-the-go option for energy. 


My Review:
The first stir stick I used in the afternoon and mixed it with water & ice. I wanted to get a good baseline of how the product tasted without any added flavor. To use it, I peeled the label off the entire stick and then began to stir the stick, for approximately 20 seconds, into my water (I will admit, it took me way too long to figure out how to get the stick "open" & unwrap it). After that, I tossed the stick (but you can keep the stick in your glass if you'd like). I noticed no change in texture to the water, but there was a distinct change in taste. It is hard to explain but it definitely took some getting used to. After a few sips, I didn't mind the taste and finished my drink. After I drank my glass of water infused with the LYFT energy stick, I did not get any nasty caffeine related side effects (sometimes I get jittery or become overly energized). I did not get tired or exhausted the rest of the day and was able to function at full capacity.... yay!! This is always a plus for me dealing with two little ones running around all day long.  

The second stir stick I used in the afternoon and mixed it with some orange mango sparkling water. I have to admit, I enjoyed my energy stir stick 100x more when I mixed it in with this drink. It was awesome! The orange mango sparkling water flavor was still there and the stick added a little kick of clean flavor. It was soooo delicious and sooooo refreshing. Once again, I did not experience any unwanted caffeine side effects.

Both times I used the energy stir sticks, I mixed it into about 8-10 ounces of my beverage. I think this seemed to be a good ratio. So after sampling the product twice, I came up with a little list of pros and cons. Here is my list.

Clean caffeine (equivalent to one tall coffee)
Clean taste
Zero calories
Easy to use
No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or preservatives
Versatility (can be used in any beverage)

Hard to figure out how to unwrap at first
High retail price (I checked their website after I sampled the product and witnessed this)

Would I recommend the product: Yes absolutely! It has such a clean, natural feel to it AND it is zero calories! Plus, there are no added sweeteners/preservatives, which is hard to find these days!

You can learn more about Pure LYFT from their website HERE.

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Disclaimer: I was provided complementary samples of Pure LYFT to try courtesy of Sweatpink and Pure LYFT.  I was asked to give an honest review and I was not required to provide a positive review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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