Friday, May 16, 2014

Five on Friday # 9

Hi Friends!! Linking up with Natasha over at Hello!Happiness and the ladies, for a 5 on Friday.

Here is our week in review. 

[one] Monday: I took Mason to his speech therapy class. As we pulled into the driveway he started to whine a bit because he didn't want to go but once we walked in the door he was all smiles and eager to see his teacher and go in the playroom. After speech class, I took the boys on a Costco run. Owen was a little under the weather on Mother's Day so he didn't feel 100% on Monday either. After our naps, we played outside and had popsickles - my kids favorite snack now! They definitely aren't my favorite because they are SOOO messy! 

[two] Tuesday: Normally I work on Tuesdays but this week I had the day off. The boys and I went to the local splash pad in our neighborhood since it was SCORCHING hot.... What is with this weather?! Ugh, it's draining me!! I love watching my boys play because they are at the age where Owen wants to do EVERYTHING that Mason is doing. It melts me. 

[three] Wednesday: On Wednesdays, Mason has his skating/hockey lessons in the morning. This was his second class and he actually did improve quite a bit since last weeks class... Mom was impressed! He still hasn't completely figured out the skating on his own yet, but he's close..... He has some hockey skates of his own but this week, they advised us to switch him to the regular figure skates to learn on. Apparently the hockey skates are like learning to skate on bananas.....Whoops! Daddy got in trouble for this one =) After skating and naps, we played outside and Owen got stung by a bee =( It was so sad.... Mason had just started to "squirt water" as he refers to it (playing with the hose) and about 3 bees came out. Owen was playing at the water table and suddenly came crying to me with his finger pointing out.... I automatically assumed he got stung and looked at his finger. Sure enough, there was an entire stinger and the butt of the bee in his middle finger, poor little Owen! He was such a trooper and let me pull it out and put some baking soda paste on it. If one good thing came from this, it was that we now know Owen is not allergic to bees! Lastly, after dinner, we watched the Kings game with daddy. Victory!!! GKG! 

[four] Thursday: On Thursday we had a big morning. I took the boys to Scooter's Jungle and we met some friends there. They had a toddler time which was basically just an open play. Scooter's Jungle is an indoor inflatable jumper place. They have THE BEST and biggest inflatable slide that both of my boys love. After Scooter's Jungle, we all went to Wahoo's for lunch. The boys were pooped after this! After our LONG naps, we went to Home Depot and I picked out some sample paints/stainers for our next DIY project - painting our backyard fence!! We put the samples on the fence and made our selection so we are hoping to get this done over the weekend.... Wish us luck!! 

[five] Friday: Today, I had my first ever chiro appointment this morning. It was an examination appointment and the chiro did find some trigger (?) spots on my back and a couple areas on my spine that are out of alignment..... I don't think it's a huge deal but at my next appointment I will find out how we will go about fixing my back pain! Any other moms out there have some crazy back pain from lugging their kids around & breastfeeding?! It's horrible!!! My husband finally told me I need to stop relying on him for back massages and go get checked out! After my appointment, we went with my mom to the mall (since it's about 100 degrees here & smokey) and had lunch at Ruby's... my boys LOVE Ruby's. They are now napping and after naps, they get to go to grandma & grandpa's house to hang out for the night while mommy and daddy head down to a bar in Newport to watch the Kings game..... GKG!!!! 

That's it for now.... Here are some pictures from our Mother's Day last Sunday! Hope everyone enjoys there weekend!! <3

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  1. You are so like super mom! I get off work and the kids are lucky to go to the park once a week haha. I hope you have a nice weekend :-)

    1. wow you just might have made my day! That is the nicest compliment I have received EVER!!! I WISH I was super mom =) Thanks! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Looks like a great week! We've been enjoying popsicles lately, it's super nice to finally have nice enough weather to enjoy them! Happy Friday!!

  3. Your boys are so stinking handsome!! I love the pictures of them eating popsicles. Yum, though I agree by the messy part. I'm impressed that Mason is skating. That's awesome. You guys had such a few week. I feel like we sat around compared to all the fun stuff you did. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. So cute!! The weather still hasn't changed to summer on the Cape. We were freezing at baseball, but the kids had fun :) I nominated you for a Liebster award, you can see it here