Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Treat Yourself Tuesday # 4

I have been so busy lately that I am just now getting some time to do a TYT post! Linking up with Becky over at Olives 'n' Wine... Here we go!

Has anyone tried these dark chocolate covered marshmallows before? If you are a marshmallow lover (like me) you have got to try these from Trader Joe's...... I thought I should devour them now because come Monday, I will be on my second 24 day challenge to kick myself back into the healthy eating!

If you are a shake drinker, spark mixer, or smoothie sipper, I would highly recommend these smart shakers! They are way less expensive than the blender bottles AND they are at Costco right now - two pack for $13.99. I got this duo and also a blue & white duo... Love them! 

Alright so maybe this next one isn't exactly a direct treat for myself, but I would consider it a treat because I love to dress my boys alike & rarely get the opportunity on a budget & with a ton of hand-me-downs for my younger son. Gap Kids was having 40% off the entire store so I grabbed these two shirts for both of my boys!!! Can you say Easter shirts?!?! Can't wait to get a pic of them with the Easter bunny this year. =) 


A much needed drink! So yummy!

Lastly, a fun night in with some girlfriends sitting by the fire & drinking wine! No complaining over here. =) 

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  1. I'm totally late to YOUR TYT party :) I'll blame my crazy work week! Those TJ chocolate-marshmallows look like they'd be amazing and dangerous at the same time, hehe ;) I have been searching for an affordable shaker bottle - I think they'd be perfect for Spark. Best of luck starting your challenge tomorrow!