Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday # 6

Happy Friday Friends! Linking up with Natasha over at Hello!Happiness for a Five on Friday post. This week has gone by so fast and when I checked my phone to see my pictures from the week, I realized I didn't take enough!! I'm also thinking that it's time for me to upgrade my iphone 5 pictures and get a nice camera. Anyone have a camera that takes really good pictures but is still compact enough to lug around everywhere? I need one! Alright, let's get into my Five on Friday.

[one] We went to the Kings game on Saturday night and it was the third time ever that we took Mason AND OWEN. We used to always take Mason before Owen was born but then we stopped taking the kids, or we would just bring Mason, because Owen is just so difficult! We decided that we would try taking both boys again since it had been awhile since our last try...... It wasn't too bad but the game is so much different with a one year old who doesn't want to sit still. Oh well, we had a good time! =) Here are a couple pictures I took - the only pictures I took - at the game.

[two] Owen got his first haircut on Monday! He got to sit in a rocket and lick on a sucker, win win for little Owen! He only cried and got annoyed when the lady buzzed his hair line on his neck, other than that, he enjoyed his sucker. =)

[three] I received an email notification that my stitch fix shipped!!!! Ahhhhh, so excited! Anyone else request a fix before? Anyone want to try it out? Click here! It's only $20 & I haven't even received my fix yet and I'm having so much fun with the idea of knowing that I'm going to get clothes in the mail any day now!

[four]  Crock-pot salsa chicken w/sliced avocado - so simple yet so good! I literally threw three chicken breasts & a can of clean, healthy salsa into the crock-pot and cooked it! Then sliced some avocado on top when it was done.... Piece of Cake! 

[five] Got my boys some matching Easter shirts. 40% off the entire store.... I love deals & I love matching my boys. Easter bunny pictures to follow. =)

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love stitch fix :) My April box arrived last night and I'm actually keeping three of the items they shipped.

    1. Wow that's awesome!! This was my first stitch fix so I only ended up keeping one.

  2. I love the first hair cut pictures! Especially is cool like chair he got to sit in for it! Happy Friday!

  3. I have yet to try stitch fix but I keep seeing it and think it might be time to try it out!

  4. Your boys are too cute for words! And I'm on the fence about stich fix...can't wait to see what you got!

  5. agree, your boys are too cute! i signed up for stitch fix and then i un-signed up. i am more of a bargain shopper, and i read that their items are $65 ish sometimes higher, sometimes lower and thats just not my style. do share when you get yours though, and i might re-sign up!

  6. Stopping in from 5 on Friday... I'm so not looking forward to my baby's first hair cut... it's in his eyes and it has to be done soon, but his big brother has not exactly loved hair cuts. Yours seemed to do pretty well and that car chair is awesome. Have a great weekend!

  7. That chicken dinner looks delicious!! And the kids salon you took him to was so cute! I've done a couple of first haircuts before--some little ones enjoy it less than others, but it's a little rite of passage!

  8. That chix dinner looks amazing & that salon is too cute!!!! Xo