Thursday, February 20, 2014

Goat Hill Junction Railroad

Calling all mommies of little boys (and girls)!!!!!! This post is for you! If you live in Orange County and don’t know about Goat Hill Junction Railroad, you’re missing out on some great fun! Let me tell you about it….. It’s a place in Costa Mesa that gives FREEEEEE train rides every third weekend of the month.
(Yes, there is something to do in Orange County that is actually still free these days) I have taken Mason a handful of times before and this past Sunday was Owen’s first time riding. The rule is, you have to be able to walk on your own to ride the trains. The trains consist of four to six bench cars and are run by the club members of the nonprofit train organization.
I was nervous to take Owen this past weekend. It was the first time he was allowed to ride because it’s been the only time we have gone since he started walking. If you know anything about Owen, it’s that the kid knows how to run all over the place and get into everything, all the time. There is no sitting down while watching him, no breaks, and no resting!  So the thought of putting him on a moving train for a solid 10+ minutes, scared the crap out of me. Well, we tried it, and, let’s just say he only went once =) Actually, he was a good boy, just got antsy towards the end of the ride. Mason on the other hand, LOVES the train rides and cries when it’s time to leave. He likes to ride on the orange colored train and his favorite part during the ride is going over and under the bridge. He also loves seeing all of the random squirrels around the track.

Here are some pictures of our most recent trip this past weekend. We went with my parents because daddy was busy at work (booo for tax season L). After the train rides, we stopped at In N Out and little brother Owen was so tired as you can see from the picture below!!!   

 photo cfb34a1c-adba-4f64-a423-6e7319aea683.jpg

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