Thursday, December 1, 2016

UPDATE: Busy Busy Busy

The Past Year
Well it's been over a year since I visited my blog - wow that is so sad! But here I am, back in action, ready to give a quick update on my life! Since I took a break from my blog, we completed our family. Dylan, our youngest, is already a year old! Owen just turned four & Mason is five. I am still a stay at home mom, working part time as an independent distributor for AdvoCare & I also have a little side gig doing some accounting work for a property management company in Newport Beach. Okay, I will be honest, my part time gig gets me out of the house for just the perfect amount of time each week which is what I love about it most. Those hours of freedom are so valuable. And as for AdvoCare, well this past year has been kind of exciting. I attended my first Success School at Dallas Cowboys Stadium with over 20,000 others in July 2016. And then, the hubby and I earned an invitation only, all expenses paid training at the corporate office in Plano, TX in August. Both of those trips were filled with lots of learning & very eye opening about our future and this opportunity. We are definitely excited about where this is headed. Oh and if having a baby and working wasn't enough, we moved over the summer! Okay, maybe it wasn't a big move, but we did move about 1/4 of a mile across the street to a new home which we are loving!

And now here we are, almost Christmas, a year and a half later. I am so lucky with all my family and friends in my life. I have met some incredible people over the past year and learned so much about myself.

I said a quick update & I am a quick, to the point person, so I will leave you with that. Here are some pics for fun. Stay tuned....

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