Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Workout Wednesday: AdvoCare Group Challenge, January 5th!

As many of you know from all my posts and pictures on social media these days (sorry - i can't help myself), I LOVE AdvoCare! My love for AdvoCare all started with a 24-Day Challenge. Last January I began my journey to a healthier me and AdvoCare played such a huge part in this. I lost the rest of my baby weight and over 10 inches in 24 days and went on to maintain and tone up ever since. I can say the best take-away from the challenge for me, aside from my now favorite SPARK, was learning how to properly eat clean. I learned how to cook healthier for me and my family which has been invaluable.

Enough about me, let's talk about you...... Are you thinking about all the over indulgences that are about to take place in the next few weeks? Want to have a set plan to lose those extra pounds this new year? Want more energy? Want to improve your athletic performance? Interested in a plan b income? The answer to all of this is AdvoCare!!

My team is kicking off a group challenge, starting January 5th, with hundreds of participants from all over the country. You will have access to our facebook group which offers tons of support and encouragement (and let's not forget, accountability). Along with all the moral support, you will have access to our Pinterest page with numerous clean "advocare friendly" recipes - jackpot!

If you are interested and want to sign up right this very moment, click here. I will be notified of your purchase and will send you a follow up email.......Otherwise, send me an email and we can chat about it:

I thought I'd provide you with some visuals since we all know pictures don't lie..... Ok some pictures do lie, but I can assure you these are all legit and real transformations below. =) All of these pictures that I am sharing are of my friends. Doing this together has been so positive and I have met some incredible people along the way. Instead of talking about how crazy our kids have been, whining about feeling exhausted, etc., we all lift one another up, meet up at the gym, share yummy recipes, and just motivate each other everyday to be better versions of ourselves... It goes way beyond weight loss...BUT, as you can see from the photos, that's an added bonus!

24 Days - 11 pounds lost
Continued clean eating & AdvoCare products to lose a total of 25 pounds and 20 inches in 4 months 

24 Days - 9.5 pounds & 14 inches lost

24 Days on Modified Nursing Challenge - 6 pounds & 10 inches lost

24 Days - 10 pounds & 9 inches lost

24 Days - 8 pounds & 11.75 inches lost

24 Days - 10 pounds & over 4 inches around waist lost

Lauren has gone on to lose over 30 pounds and has lost 12% body fat!

24 Days - 5 pounds & 10.5 inches lost

And as for where I am at now, I have maintained my weight loss and started working out at the gym (lifting weights) again. Before I had my kids, I would go to the gym everyday after work for a solid 1-2 hours (probably because I had nothing better to do with my time). Since having kids, it's been hard to find the time and MOTIVATION to get myself in the gym. It's crazy how losing a little weight can make you feel so much better physically and mentally and has provided me with that extra boost of motivation I so desperately needed. My one regret from my transformation was not measuring my body fat % at all. I definitely think I have lost at least a few percentage points which is just another positive indicator of progress!!

If you have any questions please reach out to me.... I would love to help any way I can..... That's all for this Workout Wednesday. Have a fabulous and fit week!  

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  1. Awesome results! Body fat percentage is my favorite thing to track! #wowlinkup